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I am praying for a daughter of God, a specific daughter of God, Lindsey Stirling.  One prayer a day for a year.  I print it out, fold it in eighths and keep in my pocket to refer to during the day. It is my prayer in my pocket for a daughter of God. Or I view the website prayer on my smartphone. And now all the prayers are available as an eBook.

This website provided Lindsey with instant access to the prayers I was praying as I was praying them, and now provides a history of all the prayers for the year. Click on the scripture reference inside the prayer to see it in full context.  And since I have a hard time with the Old English of King James Version, I also looked up the same scripture in one or two other translations with more recent English. Click on the Bible translation to view that translation online with access to the full chapter as well as other translations to help clarify the meaning of the scripture used in the prayer. There is a webpage on this prayer site that explains the translation references used.

I retired in 2010, but I still work with computers and websites and strive to walk with God each and every day.

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