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Enormity of Prayer

OK … for anyone reading this with a huge vocabulary (or should I say enormous vocabulary), please note that I am using this definition of “enormity”:

* greatness of  influence, size, scope, or extent;
* immensity

Yeah, I know … recently grammar police say that we should use the word “enormousness” instead and that it is non-standard to use “enormity” in the sense of great size. However, I am sticking with enormity (greatness of influence). Let me tell you why! No … let me show you why (please CLICK on the photo below to see it larger and click it again to zoom even more … plus make sure to read the caption under the photo … it explains just what it is):

printed prayers

If you prayed for someone for a year … just a short prayer each day, what would it look like if each one were printed out each day? It would look like this!

Now you are ready for my story!

About 7 years ago I was praying for someone (just like I am praying for Lindsey right now). Then there was a shuffling of jobs and job duties that affected staff on many floors in our building. Everyone in my bureau was relocated from 9th floor down to 3rd floor.  So, we all had to pack up everything from our desks, drawers and overhead bins into rolling carts, bring the carts down to our new cubicle location and setup our new desk area with all our various odds and ends that make our desk OURS!

There was one small drawer that I kept my personal things in at work … and I had been storing all the prayers that I had been praying for someone that I typed out, printed and folded into 8ths – shirt pocket size. Each of them was my prayer for the day and when the day was over I saved them in my drawer at work, still folded up.

Well, on office moving day I pulled them all out of my desk drawer.  I unfolded them and stacked them up into one large stack to move to my new desk … and it was breath-taking looking that huge stack of prayers!  And it struck me at that time. The enormity of prayer struck me. And at that moment the Lord gave me a scripture that speaks of the enormity of His thoughts.

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!
How great is the sum of them! 

Psalm 139:17

I can now look from the enormity of my prayers to the enormity of God’s thoughts … and it gives me perspective. It reminds me of the daily miracles … when I can hear God’s voice … and when I can say how precious that is to me. How absolutely precious.

Sorry Grammar Police … but God used the word “enormity” when he was telling me about the significance and influence of my prayers.  So, I’m sticking with it.

And then, what a coincidence (a God-coincidence). That very same night was the first meeting of seven men who chose to meet once a week for about six weeks … our topic was:

“Lord, Teach Us How To Pray”

We were meeting to learn more about how to pray.  Perhaps God wanted me to grasp the enormity of prayer right before we met the first night … the enormity of the prayers … and each and every one of them powerful!

And so let me close with this thought:

Are you praying for someone?
Been praying every day for a long time?

God is listening and hears you … hears each and every one of your prayers. Likely you are not typing your prayers out … but if you were, after one year you could bind them as a book of daily prayers for the year (or an eBook) … after seven years, your prayers if typed and printed would be such a huge stack that it would begin to tip! Lord, hear our prayer!

You can read my full presentation on the Enormity of Prayer as well as see all the resources and references that I compiled for it. Just visit my website:

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