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Set 1 God Is… (A to Z)

December 7 – January 15

40 Words from 40 Prayers over 40 Days

Here is a Word Picture of phrases from the first 40 prayers for you. A nice copy was produced here and mailed to you, but this online PDF makes it available to you where ever you may be in the world. Remember to stand back and squint when looking at it to see what is really there!

Click to view PDF ==> Lindsey 40 prayers volume 1

God is… You are…

The first 40 days of prayers included prayers based on who God is, from A to Z.

The second 40 days of prayers included prayers based on who YOU are, from A to Z.

God is… and You Are … Click on the word to display the full prayer (or click => view it as a PDF)

God Is… You Are…
Ascended Ambassador
Bread of Life Blessed
Compassion Cared For
Dwelling Place Delightful
Emmanuel Enriched
Faithfulness Favored
Guide Glory
Holy Holy
Instructor Image of God
Just Joy
Kind Known by God
Love Loved
Marvelous Made by God
Near/Nigh New Song
Omnipotent Overcomer
Preserver Precious
Quiet Qualified
Rejoices Redeemed, Rescued, Renewed
Strength and Song Strengthened
Truth Thoroughly Equipped
Upholds Upheld
Vine Valued
Wondrous Walking in the Light
eXcellent eXcel
Yoke Yielded unto God
Zeal Zealous