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Psalm 18 in Metre

NOTE: All 150 psalms were translated into English in Metre by 1562, nearly 50 years before the King James Version of the Bible was published in 1611! The psalms were written as Hebrew poetry and were meant to be sung or read aloud.* However, translating poetry from one language to another typically loses much if not all of the poetic attributes! However, there were several groups of people who endeavored to translate the psalms into a type of poetry typical for the English language hundreds of years ago. If you have not yet encountered the psalms in metre (psalter), you are in for a treat. We read (and softly sung) all 150 psalms in a downtown coffeeshop this year using the Scottish Psalter. Since music is a significant part of you Lindsey, you may find yourself singing them with a tune you make up on the spot based on the rhythmic beat to the verses. I hope the prayer this day blesses you in this.

Heavenly Father. I glorify you and praise you. I look around at the beauty of snow, where just one snow flake is a masterpiece work of art. A man we now call Snowflake Bentley** spent years of his life, freezing and cold, just to catch a snowflake and then to photograph it. This amazing look at snow flakes has been collected into a sizable book, a gallery of beauty, a look at a tiny bit of the vast beauty you placed everywhere around us. Thank you for letting me see these bits of your beauty. And thank you for the Scripture which I am to use to pray over the daughter you delight in, whose beauty is a dim reflection of Christ:

Psalm 18 (my favorite psalm) from the Psalter of 1562 (read it aloud emphasizing every other syllable … you can even add intonation while you read it or even sing it!):

 1  O God, my strength and fortitude,
       of force I must love thee;
    Thou art my castle and defense
       in my necessity:

 2  My God, my rock, in whom I trust,
       the worker of my wealth;
    My refuge, buckler, and my shield,
       the horn of all my health.

 3  When I sing laud unto the Lord,
       most worthy to be served;
    Then from my foes I am right sure
       that I shall be preserved.

 4  The pangs of death did compass me,
       and bound me ev'ry where;
    The flowing waves of wickedness
       did put me in great fear.

 5  The sly and subtle snares of hell
       were round about me set;
    And for my life there was prepared
       a deadly trapping net.

 6  I thus beset with pain and grief,
       did pray to God for grace;
    And he forthwith heard my complaint
       out of his holy place.

 7  Such is his pow'r, that in his wrath
       he made the earth to quake.
    Yea, the foundation of the mount
       of Bashan for to shake:

 8  And from his nostrils went a smoke,
       when kindled was his ire,
    And from his month went burning coals
       of hot consuming fire.

 9  The Lord descended from above, and
       bowed the heav'ns most high;
    And underneath his feet he cast
       the darkness of the sky:

10  On Cherubs and on Cherubims
       full royally he rode,
    an on the wings of mighty winds
       came flying all abroad.

   The Second Part.

11  And like a den most dark he made
       his hid and secret place;
    With waters black and airy clouds
       encompassed he was.

12  At his bright presence did thick clouds 
       in haste away retire;
    And in the stead thereof did come
       hail-stones and coals of fire.

13  The fiery darts and thunderbolts
       disperse them here and there;
    And with his frequent lightnings he
       doth put them in great fear.

14  When thou, O Lord, with great rebuke 
       thy anger dost declare,
    The springs and the foundations of
       the world discovered are.

15  And from above the Lord sent down
       to fetch me from below,
    And plucked me out of waters great,
       that would me overflow:

16  And me delivered from my foes
       that sought me to enthrall;
    Yea, from such foes as were too strong
       for me to deal withal.

17  They did prevent me evermore
       in time of my great grief;
    But yet the Lord is my defense,
      my succor and relief.

18  He brought me forth in open place,
       that so I might be free;
    And kept me safe, because he had
       a favor unto me.

19  According to my innocence,
       so did he me regard;
    And to the cleanness of my hands
       he gave me my reward:

20  For that I walk-ed in his ways,
       and in his paths have trod,
    And not departed wickedly
       from him that is my God.

   The Third Part.

21  But evermore I have respect
       to his law and decree;
    His statutes and commandments I
       cast not away from me:

22  But pure and clean, and uncorrupt,
       appeared before his face,
   And did refrain from wickedness
       and sin in ev'ry case.

23  The Lord will therefore me reward,
       as I have done aright;
    As to the cleanness of my hands
       appearing in his sight.

24  For, Lord, with him that holy is
       wilt thou be holy too;
    And with the good and virtuous man
       thou wilt uprightly do:

25  And for the loving and elect
       thy favor wilt reserve;
    And thou wilt use the wicked men
       as wicked men deserve.

26  For thou dost save the simple folk,
       in trouble when they lie;
    And dost bring down the countenance
       of them that look full high.

27  The Lord will light my candle so,
       that it shall shine full bright;
    The Lord my God will make also
       my darkness to be light.

28  For by thy help an host of men
       discomfit. Lord, I shall;
    By thee I scale and overleap
       the strength of any wall.

29  Unspotted are the ways of God,
       his word is purely tried;
    He is a sure defense to such
       as in his faith abide.

30  For who is God, except the Lord ! 
       for other there is none:
    Or else who is omnipotent,
       saving our God alone.

   The Fourth Part.

31  The God that girdeth me with strength, 
       is he that I do mean;
    That all the ways wherein I walk,
       did evermore keep clean:

32  That made my feet like to the harts'
       in swiftness of my pace, 
    And for my safety brought me forth
       into an open place.

33  He did in order put my hands
       in battle for to fight;
    To break in sunder bars of brass
       he gave my arms the might.

34  Thou teachest me thy saving health,
       thy right hand is my tow'r;
    Thy love and gentleness also
       doth still increase my pow'r.

35  And under me thou makest plain
       the way where I should go;
    So that my feet shall never slip, ·
       nor wander to and fro:

36  And fiercely I pursue and take
       my foes that me annoyed,
    And from the field do not return
       till they be all destroyed.

37  So I suppress and wound my foes,
       that they can rise no more;
    For underneath my feet they fail,
       I wound them all so sore.

38  For thou hast girded me with strength
       unto the battle, and
    Thou wilt throw down my enemies
       that do against me stand.

39  Lord, thou hast given me the necks
       of all my enemies;
    That so I might destroy all those
       that up against me rise.

40  They called for help, but none gave ear, 
       nor came to their relief;
    Yea, to the Lord they called for aid, 
       yet heard he not their grief.

   The Fifth Part.

41  And still, like dust before the wind,
       I drive them under feet,
    And sweep them out like filthy dirt,
       that lieth in the street.

42  Thou keep'st me from seditious folk
       that still in strife are led;
    And thou dost of the heathen folk
       appoint me to be head.

43  A people strange, to me unknown,
       and yet they shall me serve;
    And at the first obey my word,
       whereas my own will swerve.

44  I shall be irksome to my own,
       they will not see my light;
    But wander wide out of the way,
       and hide them out of sight.

45  But blessed be the living Lord,
       most worthy of all praise:
    He is my rock and saving health,
       praised be he always.

46  For it is lie that gave me pow'r,
       reveng-ed for to be;
    And with his holy word subdued
       the people unto me.

47  And from my. foe delivered me,
       and set me over those
    That cruel and ungodly were,
       and up against me rose.

48  And for this cause, O Lord my God,
       to thee give thanks I shall;
    And sing out praises to thy Name,
       among the Gentiles all.

49  Deliv'rance great thou giv'st the king,
       and dost reserve in store
    Mercy for thine Anointed, and
       his seed for evermore.

Lord, I am here as usual to pray for Lindsey, your daughter you love, and today seemed like the day to present a psalm interpreted in metre over 450 years ago. Lindsey, I pray that encountering the psalms in metre will bring a whole new light to them for you. May the psalms resonate in your heart the way that the original Hebrew language psalms did centuries ago. I pray that the psalms in metre will excite and thrill you so much that you will want to sing them all as soon as you can (thus I am linking to the online version of them below). I pray that you may find singing the psalms a wonderful way to worship and praise the Lord. And all the glory is his. The glory is all his. I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen

click=> All 150 Psalms in Metre (1562)
click=> Scottish Psalter (1650)

* Theological Studies: Interpreting the Psalms includes this:

B. Understand that the Psalms are Hebrew musical poems and should be interpreted in light of this fact.
       1. Most of the Psalms were meant to be sung not read.

** Snowflake Bentley books:


Fret at night? Fuss about too early in the morning? NOT!

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for the wind. Gusts of wind. Cold blasts of wind. Fierce WIND! And then calm (for just 7 seconds, then more wind!) Thank you for letting it be a reminder that what we cannot see can be more real than what we see. Thank you for allowing me to know that you are right here with me even though I cannot see you with my eyes, for my heart can see you! And thank you for the scripture for your daughter Lindsey:

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. (Psalm 127:2)

Lord, I am here again. I’m here as usual to begin a new prayer for your daughter you love. Lindsey, God loves you so much that he will give you peaceful sleep. He loves you so much that he calls you “beloved”. He loves you so much that he goes “out of his way” (so to speak) to remind you of things that are important. And today, he reminds you to not worry. Don’t get anxious about the next day, waking up too early to fuss about trying to get everything “just right”. He points out that perhaps staying up late moaning about what happened that day may not be a good idea. And so I ask God to watch over you while you sleep. I ask that he give you pleasant dreams and a peaceful moment when you awake. I ask that he be with you late at night reminding you that everything is OK because he is in charge, he has control, and you can just go to sleep! I pray for you Lindsey … that you would be content each day regardless of the circumstances. I pray sweet contentedness over you. And we will give the glory to God. All the glory is his. Glory! I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

Trust and Delight in the Lord and He Grants You the Desires of Your Heart

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for a new day. Thank you for the overnight rain. Thank you for my car which for over two decades has gotten me around my city. And thank you for the scripture for my prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday. (Psalm 37:3-6)

Lord, I’m here again as usual to begin today’s prayer for Lindsey, your daughter who delights herself in you. Lindsey, today’s prayer may be for things you already know and do, but we are told to remind each other of such things, so join me in this prayer. I pray that you continue to trust in the Lord. I pray that you continue to do what is right and good each day and that God will take care of you as you dwell in this land. Let those around you notice your faith and your integrity. I pray that you continue to delight yourself in the Lord. I ask that God would once again fill you full of his joy as you delight in him. I ask that he grant you the desires of your heart. Make a commitment Lindsey! Decide that you will trust in God and that you will go the way he shows you, and he will bring it to pass. He will publicly defend your just cause. Lord, let Lindsey’s righteousness shine brightly, as bright as the noonday sun. Let all those around her see this light. And we will give you the glory. The glory is all yours Lord. Glory! I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

The Lord Is Your Guide. He Makes Your Way Straight.

Heavenly Father, I welcome a new day with you. I welcome a day where bits of your glory will be evident. I welcome the day and thank you for all the beauty in your creation. I also thank you for the scripture for my prayer today for your daughter Lindsey:

Lead me, O Lord, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make thy way straight before my face. (Psalm 5:8)

Lord, I’m here again. I’m here on behalf of Lindsey, your daughter you love. I ask that you lead her in your righteousness. There are those who want her to stumble, so I pray that you would lead her past them. Make her way straight Lord. Remove obstacles that are in the way. Be her guide Lord. Light the path that you set before her and give her the courage to walk that path. And we will give you the glory. All the glory is yours Lord. Glory! I pray this in the name and authority of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

Delight in God’s Way as He Upholds You with His Hand

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for my breath. Thank you for my life. Thank you for lungs that keep working even while I sleep. Thank you for a heart that keeps on beating day and night without fail. And thank you for the scripture for today’s prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.
 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand. (Psalm 37:23-24)

Lord, I’m here to lift up Lindsey to you. She strives to read your Word each and every day. She loves you Lord. She trusts you and expects that you will establish her way and order her steps for she delights in your way. And so today I ask that you watch over your daughter. I ask that you arrange things for her to be just so! Just the way you would have her go. Light the way before her so that she can see it clearly. If she stumbles and begins to fall, catch her Lord. Hold her in your hand so that she not be cast down. Protect her so that she will not fall flat on her face. I ask that you place people in her path today who will encourage her. I ask that you fill her heart with your Joy today. And we will give the glory to you Lord. Glory! I ask this all in the name and with the authority of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

The Lord trains your hands and your fingers!

I welcome another new day with your Heavenly Father. Thank you for giving us your Word as our guide. Thank you for all the people who kept it intact and those who painstakingly translated it into English so we could read it. And thank you for this scripture to use for my prayer for your daughter Lindsey who you have given great skills in her hands and fingers:

Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: (Psalm 144:1)


And all the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine linen. (Exodus 35:25)


Them hath he filled with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of work, of the engraver, and of the cunning workman, and of the embroiderer, in blue, and in purple, in scarlet, and in fine linen, and of the weaver, even of them that do any work, and of those that devise cunning work. (Exodus 35:35)

Lord, I am excited to be here with you now so that I can pray these scriptures over your daughter Lindsey, who you have gifted with great skills with her hands and her fingers. Lord, she is using your gifts. She practices to perfect the skills you gave her … even while riding in a car (see 6 second video clip below). And now I pray for your Lindsey. I pray that you would continue to find ways to use the many skills that God has given you. Use them to inspire others. Be a role model for other girls and young women. Don’t be afraid to tell them that your skills are those given to you by your gracious and generous God. And we will give the glory to him. The glory goes to God. Glory! I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen

NLT: Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle. (Psalm 144:1) [resources]

NETEvery woman who was skilled spun with her hands and brought what she had spun, blue, purple, or scarlet yarn, or fine linen, (Exodus 35:25) [resources]

ESV: He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, or by a weaver—by any sort of workman or skilled designer. (Exodus 35:35) [resources]

Keep your heart pure with God’s Word and he will not let you wander

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for the new day. Thank you for the mist in the air – I like to refer to it as liquid air because it isn’t quite raining, yet you get wet! And thank you for the scripture to use for today’s prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.
With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments. (Psalm 119:9-10)

Lord, it’s me. I’m here on behalf of your daughter Lindsey and am ready for our next prayer. Lindsey, today I pray that you would maintain a pure life. I pray that you would guard your heart by daily immersing yourself in God’s Word. I pray that you would seek after God with all your heart, and I ask that God would help you to stay on the path he sets before you and not wander off. I pray that God would protect you and not allow you to stray from his commandments. And we will give the glory to God. The glory is all his. Glory! I pray this in the name and authority of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

The righteous will be glad and will rejoice EXCEEDINGLY!

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for the roof over my head. Thank you for food on my table. Thank you for the clothes that I wear. Thank you for my health. And thank you for the scripture for today’s prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice. (Psalm 68:3)

Lord, I’m here on behalf of Lindsey, your daughter you love. Lindsey, today’s scripture is quite amazing. It is another IF… THEN… scripture that ties obedience together with joy. Just strive to be righteous and look what it says you will have! You will be glad. You will rejoice. Wait … not JUST rejoice … you will rejoice EXCEEDINGLY! You will be jubilant with joy! Lord, I pray that you will be the guide for Lindsey as she strives for that righteousness. Surround her with godly advisers. Place a hedge of protection around her and her family. Provide her with ways that she can put her finger on how you are really there with her and for her! And we will give you the glory. All the glory is yours Lord. Glory! I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

As you walk in God’s ways, may you rejoice in your heart

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for nuts (the kinds that I eat:) Almonds and cashews are so good. Thank you for the huge variety of things that we can eat. And thank you for the scripture for today’s prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. (Psalm 19:8)

Lord, I’m here again to lift up Lindsey to you. She loves you and strives to follow your ways and obey your commandments. So I pray that you would continue to provide rejoicing for her heart. I pray that you would enlighten her eyes and give her insight on living. Many people in the world are watching your daughter. I pray that they notice how she rejoices from her heart and has a keen insight for living. I pray that they will also notice that it is connected with how she strives to walk in your ways Lord. And we will give you the glory. The glory is all yours. Glory! I pray this in the name and authority of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)

God will reward and bless you as you walk in his ways

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you for another beautiful morning. Thank you for the crisp clean Fall air. Thank you for the sunrise. And thank you for the scripture to use for today’s prayer for your daughter Lindsey:

The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.  For all his judgments were before me, and I did not put away his statutes from me I was also upright before him, and I kept myself from mine iniquity Therefore hath the Lord recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight. (Psalm 18:20-24)

Lord, I’m here again on behalf of your daughter Lindsey. She tries to walk in your ways Lord. She strives to obey your commands and observe your laws. She always wants to do what is right! And so I ask that you reward her Lord. I ask that you bless her. Be her protector Lord as she is in the public eye day after day and looks for your continued help. And we will give you the glory. All the glory is yours Lord. Glory! I pray this in the name and authority of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)