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(O) Orpah – No Risk = No Adventure!

Lindsey you are a daughter of the living God.  I pray that you will be able to relinquish control over to him and let him be the master planner. I pray that you will choose your path well.  I pray that you will live the adventure that only God can bring to you. I pray that you will feel totally safe even when taking the risks needed.

Hello Heavenly Father. I welcome another day with you.  I welcome another day with yet more amazing things in your creation before my very eyes. Thank you for letting your beauty and glory be evident to all who look upon your creation. And thank you for the story of Orpah as the woman in the Bible for the letter O:

And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me? are there yet any more sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands? Turn again, my daughters, go your way; for I am too old to have an husband. If I should say, I have hope, if I should have an husband also to night, and should also bear sons; Would ye tarry for them till they were grown? would ye stay for them from having husbands? nay, my daughters; for it grieveth me much for your sakes that the hand of the Lord is gone out against me. And they lifted up their voice, and wept again: and Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave unto her. And she said, Behold, thy sister in law is gone back unto her people, and unto her gods: return thou after thy sister in law. (Ruth 1:11-15)

Lord, I am here again. I’m here to pray for your daughter Lindsey, and perhaps today’s scripture is an indication of what to avoid!  Avoiding the risk of travel to another land was Orpah’s choice. But look at the rewards that Ruth received by taking that risk! Lindsey, I pray that you would continue to walk with God and to take the risks set before you. I pray that the rewards would be great for you now and in the future. I pray that the Lord would give you the wisdom to see the path to follow and the courage to actually walk that path. And we will give the glory to God. All the glory is his. I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen (more…)