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Blessing – Comfort, Strength and Encouragement

Lindsey, I bless you this day. May the Lord comfort your heart, encourage you and strengthen you to do and say what is good.

Heavenly Father, good morning. Thank you for the snow which is beautiful even though it is a bit cold. Thank you for the snowflakes which each are different and unique and yet are symmetrical and typically six sided as seen by the photos of snowflakes taken by W. A. Bentley aka Snowflake Bentley. Thank you for the bright sunlight glittering on the snow. And thank you for the blessing for your daughter for this day:

Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work. (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)

Lord, I am here to sit with you for a bit. Sitting with you is important regardless of what else is going on around me. And now I would like to bless your daughter with the blessing that Paul gave to the Thessalonians. Lindsey, this blessing reminds you that God the Father and Jesus Christ love you. And because they love you they have given you everlasting consolation, unfailing courage and a firm hope. They are always there to comfort your heart and strengthen you so that you can always do and say what is good. And today I pray all these blessings over you as we give glory to the Lord. All the glory is his. I pray this all in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. ¬†Amen (more…)