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Psalm (of Len)

Heavenly Father. Thank you for each day that I get to spend walking with you. Thank you for this wonderful world that you created for us. Thank you for our eyes, a miracle in themselves and obvious evidence of your loving creation. Thank you for the book of photographs of snowflakes that included a CD with over 500 photos that I can load into my computer to see the intricate details of symmetry in each snowflake. Thank you for placing evidence of your creation all around us. Thank you for the beauty that you created and for bits of your glory that are there for all to see. It is my birthday today, and so I thank you for the many truths that I have incorporated into a double acrostic* psalm that I wrote myself (see if you can identify each truth!):

Psalm (of Len)

All mighty are You O Lord
   Awesome are the works of Your hands

Blessed is Your name in all the earth
   Beauty flows wherever You go

Caring is Your heart for all men
   Compassion is in Your eyes

Defender of the orphan and the widow
   Delighting over Your every child

Eternal God, creator of all things
   Encouraging those who trust in You

Fortress when we are weak
   Father of Lights, we praise Your holy name

Glory is before us everywhere we look
   Gracious are Your ways

Healer, helper, everything wonderful
   Holy, holy, holy – God of heaven and earth

I am, You say, and so it is
   Immanuel, God is with us this day

Joyful, just, glorious are You Lord
   Jesus, Your name we lift on high

Keeper of Your promises
   Kindness is ever on Your mind

Loving and laughing You listen to our stories
   Life and light are Your gifts always

Majestic are the heavens, created just for us
   Marvelous and amazing are Your deeds

Never forsaking us, You answer when we call
   New, You made us, when You called us Your own

Orchestrator of miracles, unending they seem
   Only good are Your plans for those who cling to You

Patiently You watch over us all the day and through the night
   Powerful, all powerful and wonderful You are

Quick to respond to our calls for Your help
   Quieting the storms with just a word

Refuge for the oppressed, shelter in times of need
   Reveal more of Your glory to us, disclose bits more this day

Surely our hope is in You O Lord
   Secure and safe are we on this journey with You

Teach us Your ways, show us Your truth
   Triumphant let us walk with You.

Until our last breath we praise Your name
   United in Christ, we encourage and support each other

Victory is ours, for we read the end of the book
   Visit with us, meet with us, carry us as needed

Walk with us, run with us, sit with us today
   Welcome, we welcome You. Come Lord, be near

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, unchanging in Your love
   Young or old, Your mercy flows o’er us

Zion is Your mountain, set us up high with You
   Zealous for Your holy name, we give the glory all to You.

For all mighty are You O Lord
   And awesome are the works of Your hands.

Lord, I am here to lift Lindsey up to you this day. She knows that you love her as your daughter and she loves you too. I pray that this psalm that I wrote might inspire her to write one of her own and even set it to music. I pray that we can praise you in this way. And I give you the glory. The glory is yours. I pray this all in the name of Christ Jesus, King of kings. Amen

* Acrostic: Many places in scriptures use acrostic verses in the original Hebrew language including: Lamentations chapter 1, Lamentations chapter 2, Lamentations chapter 3 (triple acrostic), Lamentations chapter 4, Proverb 31 verses 10-31, and psalms 25, 34, 37, 111, 112, 145 and especially psalm 119 which has an eight line acrostic!


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